Canadian Tour 2017: Day 8 – Jasper

Much like yesterday, our 8th day in Jasper has been a complete wash out with non-stop rain throughout the day. Being English we’re used to a bit of rain and so we didn’t let this stop us enjoying everything that Jasper has to offer!

Today started with us heading to the buffet at the Fairmont at around 9:30am. At $35 CAD per head (around £21) I made sure I got my money’s worth! Bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage, tomato, 2 types of potato and an eggs benedict, beautiful!

There was a reason for such a big breakfast however and that was because we were to undertake a 10km hike from the hotel that would last around 4hrs – this meant we were unlikely to find anywhere to eat lunch so the large breakfast was intentional!

We started our hike passing by Lake Mildred just beyond the hotel before heading in the direction of the Trefoil Lakes, passing between the 2 of them. The forest fires were still affecting mountain visibility however so much of the scenery was obstructed.

We then continued our hike to Annette Lake which was really pretty and had its own beach! If only the weather was better as before coming to Jasper we had planned to go swimming here!

Our next stop on the hike was across to Edith Lake. As we were crossing the path between the 2 lakes a grey wolf ran straight across the path in front of us before bounding off into the undergrowth which was incredible. These animals are so skittish it was amazing to see one in full view so close in daylight! Unfortunately it moved so quick I didn’t have time to tab the camera.

When we then got to Edit Lake it was far larger than we anticipated. Walking around the lake seemed to take forever and was quite challenging with wet mud under foot!

This was the 5km halfway point and so from here we continued around the lake back in the direction of the hotel along the woodpecker trail.

Having spent the whole time keeping an eye out for bears it was then a great finish to the day to come across a large male elk sitting amongst the trees.

Back at the hotel I then made a quick stop at the Fairmont stables to see the horses – cue horse selfie.

10km and 4hrs of walking done my legs were pretty shot and so from here we called it a day on the halfway point of the holiday.

Today is our final day in Jasper before setting off for Kamloops tomorrow for 1 night on the way to Vancouver. I’ve loved Jasper despite the smoke spoiling the scenery and have no doubt I’ll be returning here in years to come.

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