First things first, hi, I’m Nick and welcome to Ambition Earth! In a world of astounding competition to get content noticed online I am delighted that you have visited the site and spent some time here. Please don’t underestimate your visit, it really does mean a lot and I’d love to see you keep coming back!

Do More Of What Makes You Happy

A work colleague of mine used to have a small memory box on her desk with the quote “Do More Of What Makes You Happy” written on it. It was a true inspiration to me as I wanted a platform to be creative and share my passion for travel and writing; I wanted somewhere to share all of the amazing places that I was about to experience on an upcoming 2 week trip to Canada and I wanted to be able to share my travel experiences from previous adventures.

As a result, AmbitionEarth.com was launched on 25th August 2017 on a warm Milton Keynes evening (that’s in the UK for all of you international folks!) by myself, Nick.

After I’d created a few initial posts, the travel blog bug really took hold and so you’ll now find me posting new content onto the site at least once per week! You’ll also find me relentlessly making a noise on Twitter which I find to be the best platform to engage with like minded travel enthusiasts so be sure to connect with me and say hello!

How is Ambition Earth managed?

All of the content and photography on Ambition Earth is produced and managed by myself unless stated otherwise. Unfortunately I don’t run the website full time nor do I travel full time (the dream – I’m open to offers!). I have a pretty hectic full time career as a digital marketing manager for one of the UK’s largest retailers so the daily train commute into London has become the official office for Ambition Earth with all content produced in between my work commitments.

About me

Nick in Banff

As a thirty-something year old guy from the UK I love to travel and have new experiences so will rarely be found getting excited about returning to the same destination more than once – for me the world is simply far too big and I want to see it all!

Whilst travelling I have to admit I’m a real service snob too – I just can’t be dealing with poor service whether it be with accommodation, transport or food and drink so you’ll notice a trend in my posts of pulling up those who fall short of my expectations!

Read, Engage, Share!

My outlook on blogging really is around being supportive to other bloggers and letting people know that you’ve enjoyed their content. So it’s really simple, if you enjoy reading one of my posts, please let me know and comment on it! And if you’ve seen value in a post, please reference me in your own future posts and share it!

Ambition Earth exists to provide a platform for me to share my travel experiences, tips and advice, enabling others to explore the world a little better so if any of my content inspires you or helps you out with your travels then I have succeeded with my mission.

I hope you enjoy the content on the website and if you have any feedback or want to get in touch please contact me via the contact form.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!