Canadian Tour 2017: Day 10 – Vancouver

Day 10 of the Ambition Earth Canadian tour was a pretty uninteresting day that involved little more than driving. Having driven from Jasper to Kamloops yesterday today was the day that we finished our driving around Canada with a final journey in the Jeep heading from Kamloops into the heart of Vancouver.

We kicked off the day with a bit of breakfast at Marriot’s Fairfield Inn & Suites before checking out and then starting our near 400km drive which due to roadworks took us 5 hours.

The landscape from Kamloops to Vancouver didn’t really change too much at first with there being just a few rolling hills to look at.

As we got further away from Kamloops however the Hills became somewhat mountainous again with the road sweeping through the valleys.

Lunch at Hope

After around two and a half hours we made a stop for lunch at the beautifully named town, Hope. This is just off of highway 1 so was really easy to stop in at.

During our half hour visit we ate some pre-prepared lunch on a bench and also took a quick look around the visitors centre.

Final Drive into Vancouver

Refuelled, we jumped back in the car to finish our drive to Vancouver. Being a major city and highway 1 being a majour road, the closer we got, the more difficult the roads were to drive simply due to the sheer volume of traffic; it was nose to tail and quite difficult to change lanes.

Having finally made it into the city we dropped off the car at Avis and checked into our accommodation, at L’Hermitage Hotel.

Driving into Vancouver was a pretty dreadful holiday experience as it was so busy. I would certainly aim to arrive before 3 next time!

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