Canadian Tour 2017: Day 7 – Jasper National Park

The 7th day of our trip around Western Canada has been a bit of a wash out. Storms have swept in and with this there has been torrential rain, thunder and lightening so options for hiking mountains and lakes has been pretty limited. Couple that with the wildfires that are running riot and visibility is pretty poor due to the smoke in the air – not the best of days!

Despite the poor conditions we’ve made the most of things and managed to have a fairly decent day.

We kicked the day off with a walk around the lake at our hotel the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge which despite the run was quite enjoyable and took around an hour.

Pretty soaked through we headed inside to dry off and have a spot of early lunch in the main lounge area where the Fairmont team stoked up the fire.

With the rain easing off we then had the valet team bring us the car and drove the 3km up the road towards Jasper town, seeing a young elk on the way stood on the side of the road.

Having taken a few photos we continued to the town where we explored the shops and planned some dinner options for later on.

Having arrived from Banff I think Jasper has impressed me more as it is less touristy, at least it’s not as dense with tourists as Banff was anyway.

Having seen what Jasper has to offer we headed to aroubd 5km away to Pyramid Lake which I have no doubt on a clear day is stunning. We parked up and walked across to Pyramid Islabd where we sat and gathered our thoughts.

On the way back to the car we came across a whole group of elk who were so close we could almost touch them!

Having taken about 100 photos(!!) we headed back to the hotel to relax for a few hours before getting ready to head back into Jasper for dinner.

Having had some pretty intense pizza cravings we went to Famoso pizzeria where the service was very fast and food excellent!

Passing up their desserts we then went to Scoops and Loops for an ice cream which was somewhere highly recommended on Trip Advisor – it was totally worth it with a huge selection of ice cream to choose from!

With another downpour of rain taking place what we did notice whilst eating our enormous ice creams was the smoke cleaning a bit revealing a lot of previously hidden mountains!

Finally we got in the car and headed back to the Fairmont and to finish off our day, just outside the hotel we came across more elk and impressively, the buck!

Having barely seen any wildlife since we arrived, today was a real treat seeing these animals and made the rain a lot more bearable!

Let’s hope tomorrow the storms ease off and we come across a bear!

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