Canadian Tour 2017: Day 1 – Calgary

So we’ve finally made it to Canada after a day of travelling!

We decided to stay at the Holiday Inn at Gatwick Airport on Friday night which was a fantastic decision. It’s a 5 minute taxi ride from the airport and we could park the car there for time we’re away which strangely cost less than if we’d just used an airport long stay car park!

Up early Saturday morning we made our way to Gatwick. As our flight was at 13:30 we arrived around 10:45 so thought we’d grab food at the airport. We headed to Wagamama’s whose breakfast menu looked great however due to a lot of queuing we only got to the front at 11:10 at which point breakfast had stopped being served! What to do? Order a curry for brunch!

Fuelled up and good to go we boarded our trusty West Jet steed for our flight to Calgary.

After an insanely boring amount of time later, watching endless Netflix and desperately trying to entertain ourselves we made it! 9hrs 13mins and 55secs later to be precise, that was a seriously long flight!

A seriously long flight!

Welcome to Calgary!

Calgary International Airport Arrivals

We left at 13:30 from London and landed at around 15:30 in Calgary which was around 22:30 London time. Cue a massive hit of jet lag.

The first thing to do was head to Avis to collect our hire car which was super easy. We ended up getting this Jeep which is amazing. Full leather interior, full slide back roof and not a single scratch or dent to be seen. I’m really looking forward to driving this for the next fortnight.

Jeep Hire Car

So for our first night due to aforementioned jet lag we decided to stay at the Clique hotel at the airport. This is a pretty fancy airport hotel indeed.

Clique Hotel Calgary
Clique Hotel Calgary

Checked in we headed straight down to the restaurant for some food.

Clique Hotel Bar Calgary
Clique Hotel Bar Calgary
Clique Hotel Chicken Burger Calgary

And that was it for Day 1! At around 9pm Calgary time (4am London time) we finally turned in for bed, exhausted!

Tomorrow’s plan? Get up early and start our adventure by driving to Banff!

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