Racing Hermit Crabs At White Sand Beach, Khao Lak

When on holiday it can often get a little bit, well, “samey” when heading to the same pool or beach day after day. Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re a sun worshipper and that’s what you enjoy doing I’m not judging you for it however for me, just sitting on a beach (or sun-bed) with screaming children all around me for hours day after day just gets a little boring and monotonous. That is of course unless the beach offers a little something extra.

White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

White Sand Beach, located just a short distance from Khao Lak in Thailand offers not just a view of paradise but more hermit crabs than you can even begin to imagine!

Hermit Crab at White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

Hermit crabs by their very nature live in the shells of other animals and at White Sand Beach you’ll find that there are shells in every shape, size and colour being occupied by the little critters.

Hermit crab at White Sand Beach, Khao Lak

Sitting on the beach here you will only need to look at the sand for a few seconds to realise that it’s moving, with numerous tiny shells slowly but surely making their way up and down the beach.

Hermit crab at White Sand Beach, Khao Lak

If like me you enjoy having a bit of friendly fun with the local wildlife, draw a line in the sand, carefully pick up a couple of the crabs and race them against each other! If your crab escapes, best to let him be so as to not disturb or harass them too much but don’t worry, another 50 or so will be slowly making their way up the beach towards you for the second of the heats!

Hermit crab at White Sand Beach, Khao Lak

Hermit crabs are one of the stranger things you’ll find on a beach however at White Sand Beach it’s definitely more their territory than yours so embrace them, enjoy them, create yourself a fun experience and of course, hilarious holiday memory.

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