Enjoying An Afternoon At White Sand Beach In Khao Lak

There’s not many places in the world I’ve been that I would describe as paradise however a recent visit to White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak, Thailand really is one of them.

White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

The beach is located just a short distance from the main road so is really accessible by tuk tuk from Khao Lak town. Once through a small clearing between the trees the sea view and crisp golden/white sand appears in front of you.

White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

Excellent facilities and food options

Although I only spent an afternoon here it would be really easy to spend an entire day on this beach. Not only is it an incredibly beautiful location, there are beach front restaurants to grab a bite to eat at.

White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

There are also massage tables, toilet facilities and of course the sea to cool off in. Or at least that’s what I was hoping!

Warm water and a private beach experience

Being the Andaman Sea, the water here is really warm so you won’t have that tentative dip into the sea one inch at a time problem that you’d usually have around Italy or Spain! The water is super warm and inviting.

What makes White Sand Beach so special for me is that it is so long that there isn’t really anywhere along it that’s busy. You essentially have your own private beach wherever you decide to pitch yourself for the day.

White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

Tree lined bliss

Additionally the beach is made even more special by the fact that it faces onto trees and not a promenade, main road or other heavily touristy backdrop. Having a sea view in front of your and palm tree lined forest behind you really is something else and screams of paradise. The overhanging trees are also really good when it gets too hot as you’re able to relocate under the trees.

White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

If like me you enjoy a swim then the good news for White Sand Beach is that it is really shallow for quite some distance out to sea. I’m not exaggerating that either, I must have walked at least 50m from the shore and was still able to stand flat footed on the sea bed albeit up to my shoulders at that point! It’s definitely a great place to bring young children as there’s no steep drop off in the sea to create a big danger to them.

Race the hermit crabs!

The final great and fun reason to head here are the crabs! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been to a beach where there was quite so much activity from crabs! And not just any other crabs but hermit crabs. There are hundreds of them in all shapes and sizes carrying small and elongate shells up and down the beach.

Hermit Crab at White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

If you go too close they’ll hide themselves away and look like any other shell on the beach but keep around 1m away and they’ll be scuttling on by you! For a bit of fun, pick up a few, draw a line in the sand and race them along the beach!

Is it worth visiting White Sand Beach?

Absolutely! White Sand Beach is one of my favourite beaches in the world. I can’t think of too many better than this when it comes to isolation, sea view, facilities and overall experience. If you’re heading to the Khao Lak region of Phang Nga this year either as a couple or with family make sure you check this one out. It really is paradise.

Are you heading to Khao Lak this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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