Visiting Zabriskie Point In Death Valley

Zabriskie Point was a place which online travel sites had raved about so when I headed to Death Valley last year I made it a key location to visit. The review sites ended up being right too as it was one of my favourite locations within the National Park.

From the main road you pull off into what is quite a large tarmac car park (there’s certainly not going to be shortage of spaces here), and make your way up the hill along the path. On the day I visited the mercury was hitting just shy of 40 degrees C so although this path may not look too long it felt like I was attempting to conquer Mount Everest! It was times like this where I questioned why I had paid to go walking in one of the hottest places on the planet!

Zabriskie Point Death Valley

Once at the top however the uphill trek all became worthwhile as the geology was impressive to say the least.

At the top of the hill there is a fully enclosed, walled viewing area so you can’t (easily) fall into a ravine. This is accompanied by some information boards which describe the formations for you including why some of the rocks contain different layers of colour.

Zabriskie Point Death Valley

Zabriskie Point is basically made up of natural rock formations that have ‘folded’ under pressure over thousands of years. For someone like me who is really into geographical features and natural landscapes I found the site to be truly fascinating.

Zabriskie Point Death Valley
Zabriskie Point Death Valley
Zabriskie Point Death Valley

Due to its location away from accommodation and cities, Zabriskie Point gets incredibly dark at night. This makes it perfect for stargazing and observing the Milky Way which is exactly what I did during my visit. Whether you park up and stay by your car or head up to the viewing area you are guaranteed to have an incredible view of the night sky which for me was one of the highlights of the trip.

Milky Way Death Valley

Zabriskie Point was a place within Death Valley that came highly recommended and it didn’t disappoint. The geography here is really interesting and taking a moment to yourself to just look out and explore the landscape is really relaxing.

I loved Zabriskie Point and would certainly recommend adding it to your itinerary if you’re heading to Death Valley anytime soon.

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