Plan Your Visit To Bow Bridge In Central Park, New York City

Whilst visiting New York City there a number of things that fall under the ‘must visit’ banner as a tourist, one of which being a walk around Central Park. Within the park there’s a load to see and do however a key stopping point is the famous Bow Bridge.

Where is Bow Bridge in Central Park?

Bow Bridge crosses The Lake at the southern end of Central Park. Take a look at the Bow Bridge Central Park map below to identify where the bridge is located in Central Park relative to where you are staying in the city.

Bow Bridge in the movies and on TV

Being such an iconic location within New York City, Bow Bridge has of course naturally acquired a lot of attention within popular culture. It has featured in numerous TV shows and films over the years including Manhattan, Glee, Enchanted and Spider-man – it’s so distinct that you should be able to recognise it!

Bow Bridge proposals

Being a bit of a romantic location and setting across The Lake, Bow Bridge is a very popular spot for marriage proposals. Chances are that you’ll see one taking place. If you yourself are thinking of popping the question here however it is an absolutely stunning and romantic location but be sure to pick your timing right to get down on one knee else you may find yourself surrounded by hundreds of tourists stealing the privacy of your special moment!

Bow Bridge New York City

Constructed of cast iron Bow Bridge features a flat wooden walkway which like the overall sleekness of the bridge, is beautiful.

Bow Bridge New York City

And the views from the bridge? Well, you do of course get a great view of the boating lake. You also get to have a laugh at all of the men trying to impress by gracefully rowing their wives, girlfriends and fiancees around who clearly underestimated that rowing is actually quite hard work!

Finally, you get a great view of the New York City skyline.

The Lake and Boathouse

The lake and boathouse are of course where Bow Bridge is located and so a visit to the bridge offers the opportunity to take a stroll around the lake too.

Boating Lake New York City
Boating Lake New York City
The Boat House New York City

Bow Bridge review

Central Park has a lot to offer a tourist in New York City and Bow Bridge should certainly be up there as one your primary destinations during your visit. It is beautifully constructed, set within beautiful surroundings and quite simply makes for a very pleasant afternoon, strolling around Central Park away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you’re heading to New York City this year, make sure you go take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Are you planning to visit Bow Bridge this year or have you visited previously? Let us know in the comments below!

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