Travelling On TUI’s New Dreamliner Aeroplane In TUI Premium Seats

The new Dreamliner aeroplane is something that the manufacturers have been raving about for some time now. The plane boasts an extensive list of advanced technologies that not only improve the bottom line of the airliners who have purchased them but also improve the experience for their customers who board them.

TUI Dreamliner

So what’s all the fuss about?

Well, let me tell you! The Dreamliner boasts an incredible fuel economy compared to other aircraft, it has a 60% noise reduction, more oxygen fed into the cabin, improved turbulence control, a dynamic “wave” lighting system and larger windows that not only offer a better view but are dimmable by passengers via an electronic window controller. That’s pretty smart, no more attempting to pull down a crappy plastic window blind wondering if the window might pop out if you yank it too hard! Come on, we’ve all been there!

The list of technology on this aircraft really is extensive.

Upgrading to TUI Premium Club

When travelling long haul you’re always faced with a big financial dilemma. Should you upgrade your seats for a more premium experience or stick to cattle class like the rest of society? Well, by upgrading your flights with TUI you will receive all of the following perks:

  • Bigger 23kg luggage allowance
  • Priority online check in
  • Priority bag drop at the airport
  • Fast-track through security
  • Lounge access at UK airports
  • A bigger 38-inch seat pitch
  • A 4-course meal, with all your drinks included – except for Champagne
  • Breakfast or afternoon tea
  • Noise-reducing headphones
  • A Rituals® amenity kit
  • A duvet and pillow on night flights

How much does it cost to upgrade to TUI Premium Club seating?

Well, recently Sarah and I headed out to Thailand for 2 weeks and booked a package holiday through TUI (formerly Thomson). We decided that for a near 12 hour flight it would be worth us spending the extra cash for a more premium experience on such a long journey. So for an extra £800 (£200 per person each way) we upgraded our seats with TUI for one of the 43 premium seats on board. It is a lot of money but to be honest as I’ll explain later in this post, completely worth it!

TUI Premium check in

At the check in desks you can use TUI’s Premium check in desk to skip the queues, though we arrived so early there wasn’t a main queue at all(!) On the way back however it was great bypassing around 100 people to our dedicated check in desk.

TUI Premium Check In

TUI Premium also allowed for queue jump through security… or at least it should have done if the security guys at Birmingham airport knew what they were doing as they rejected our ticket even though it explicitly stated security queue jump on it! Useless! The queue was so short it only took 5 minutes so didn’t really matter but that was a little disappointing.

No.1 Lounge at Birmingham International

As part of the upgrade to TUI Premium Club you get the No.1 Lounge at Birmingham International included in the price of your ticket.

No.1 Lounge Birmingham International Airport

The lounge offers a selection of buffet food, tea, coffee and soft drinks whilst allowing you to relax on comfortable sofas. There are free premium magazines available along with charging point for your tech.

No.1 Lounge Birmingham International Airport
No.1 Lounge Birmingham International Airport

The No.1 Lounge is usually around £30 per person so the inclusion in your upgrade does make it more acceptable.

Premium Seating Area At The Departure Gate

Once your flight has been called and you make your way to the departure gate you will find that you are able to sit in the premium seating area. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s called premium but it certainly doesn’t feel that premium! At Birmingham International it’s simply a private seating area for the 43 premium customers which guarantees you a seat at the gate.

TUI Premium Departure Gate at Birmingham International Airport

Once the flight is called you then receive priority boarding before any other passengers and living the dream, get to ‘turn left’ after boarding the plane. That’s it, you’ve finally made it in the world!

TUI Dreamliner Premium Seats

The premium seating on the Dreamliner is as you would expect, at the front of the plane. The seats are 38 inches apart from one another which offers substantial legroom. That means you can confidently recline your chair without worrying about encroaching on the personal space of the passengers behind you. I’m 5’10 and this is how much legroom I was left with to the chair in front that wasn’t reclined:

TUI Dreamliner Premium Seating Leg Room

The premium seats are more like armchairs than seats too. Soft cushions, spacious and with plenty of table space there’s enough room room for your things here. There’s also a UK plug socket on each chair to allow you to charge your devices and the usual selection of in flight entertainment services on a screen in the back of the chair in front of you.

TUI Premium Club Food & Drink

After you have taken your seat the TUI staff will bring you over a glass of prosecco.

TUI Premium Prosecco on the Dreamliner

Shortly after take off you will then receive a snack, ours being Tyrell’s Poshcorn along with a drink from the trolley. To save the cabin crew time on our flight our drinks order ended up with us receiving 2 of each so Sarah ended up with 2 large G&Ts and I had 2 Brewdog Punk IPAs, perfect!

Tyrrell's Poshcorn, TUI Premium on the Dreamliner
Drinks in TUI Premium on the Dreamliner

TUI Premium Club Menu

You will be given your TUI Premium Club dining menu and asked for your choice of main meal and wine. During our flight this was either chicken, beef or cannelloni.

TUI Premium Dining Menu
TUI Premium Dining Menu on the Dreamliner

We opted for the beef which was served around 2 hours into our flight. This was served with a bread roll, excellent profiterole for dessert and cheese and biscuits… with a glass of red wine. There’s not really a good way to make plane food look good but this was a really good tasting meal.

Food in TUI Premium on the Dreamliner
Food in TUI Premium on the Dreamliner

After your meal you will then be offered an aperitif or either tea, coffee, brandy or baileys… well it would be rude to say no, baileys it is!

Baileys in TUI Premium on the Dreamliner

Around 5 hours in to the 11 hour flight you be treated to a snack – we received a tiny Cornetto ice cream, yum!

As we approached morning we were served breakfast which again, although very much looked like the quality of plane food you would expected, tasted great.

Breakfast on in TUI Premium on the Dreamliner

As plane food goes the food on board on the Dreamliner was excellent and certainly some of the best I’ve eaten.

On board amenities

Whilst on board the Dreamliner you will be given some other freebies for the flight. This includes a fresh, large blanket, a pair of noise cancelling headphones and a small kit of toiletries. There is also the usual assortment of in flight movies and magazines to keep you entertained.

Finally, as part of your premium experience when you land you are also the first to disembark from the plane allowing you to enter security before long queues form and be at the front of the baggage claim.

Your questions answered at a glance

What is TUI Dreamliner?

The TUI Dreamliner is a Boeing 787 aeroplane that offers state of the art technology. Flying since 2009 the Dreamliner is a long-haul aircraft that is made of composite material making it stronger, lighter and more aerodynamic than its predecessors.

Are drinks included on TUI Dreamliner?

Complimentary drinks are included on TUI Dreamliner for all long-haul flights within both economy and TUI Premium. Within TUI Premium however your complimentary drinks selection is inclusive of numerous alcoholic options.

What is the seat pitch on TUI Dreamliner?

The TUI Dreamliner offers a standard seat pitch of at least 33 inches. If you upgrade your flight to extra legroom seats you will enjoy at least an additional 2 inches of legroom with at least 36 inches of space.

Can you charge your phone on TUI Dreamliner?

Absolutely! All seats have a USB port as standard which can be used to power your phone or tablet device whilst in use. Within TUI Premium’s upgraded seating area, in addition to USB sockets there are 3-pin UK plug sockets available on the end of the console between seats offering an alternative power option.

TUI Premium Club review

Having flown long haul to both America and Canada previously with British Airways I would say that the TUI experience on Dreamliner is worth every penny. When you’re cooped up on an aeroplane for so long having already experienced a few hours getting through departures it’s easy to become bored, restless and irritable. Having been able to queue jump, relax in a lounge bar, wait to board in a guaranteed seat and then board quickly into a premium seating area coupled with an experience where you’re treated like a highly valued customer it’s honestly a no brainier.

Not everyone is going to be able to afford this of course as for 2 people the extra £800 on your holiday cost is a serious amount of extra cash that could be used on other things whether it be holiday related e.g. excursions/city break or other things back at home.

It’s not for everyone as everyone has their own priorities in life however for me, who on this occasion could afford it, I found it to be worth every penny.

TUI Dreamliner review

Travelling on the TUI Dreamliner was probably the best set of flights I have ever been on. The lighting controls, the extra oxygen reducing jet lag, the almost non-existent turbulence and incredibly quiet cabin were all great. Even after 11 hours in the air on the way out and 13 hours in air on the way back from Thailand to the UK I left the aircraft feeling quite fresh. The Dreamliner has a huge list of positive points going for it and couple this with TUI Premium and you’re on to a win!

Thanks TUI for a really enjoyable and relaxing experience, the Dreamliner was the smoothest flight I’ve ever had and your service was excellent. I can’t see Sarah and I going back to economy after this!

Don’t forget your travel essentials!

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Have you travelled on the Dreamliner already or are you planning to upgrade this year? We’d love to hear your plans, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for this really helpful review! Having just booked premium Tui longhaul it’s so useful to have and idea what to expect 🙂

    1. Hi T, glad the post was helpful for you, where are you heading off to? The Dreamliner really is something else compared to your typical long-haul flight in terms of comfort, noise and lack of turbulence so I’ve no doubt you’ll love it!

      1. Hi – Mexico so around a 10 hour flight! Will be first time on a Dreamliner too so looking forward to less turbulence 🙂

  2. What a brilliant in-depth review. I’m flying premium economy to cancun in September and this really answers a lot of my questions I had


    1. Hi Dave, thanks for reading! The Dreamliner is a really great experience, you’ll love it!

  3. Hi – thanks for the helpful review. I wondered if you could tell me if the layout in the Premium in the Dreamliner is 2-3-2 as it is in Economy, please? I am flying to Cancun with my husband and 3 year old in February and toying with upgrading the journey to Premium. We won the holiday in a competition so the flights are free – just thinking it might be worth spending some savings to upgrade! Oh – and I know the pitch is slightly longer in Premium but do you know if the seats are any wider than standard Economy? With many thanks, Astrid

    1. Hi Astrid,

      Thanks for reading! The seating layout is indeed 2-3-2 throughout the premium area of the plane and 3-3-3 in the economy seating. The seats in premium are wider with armrests and far more padded for a comfier ride.


  4. Brilliant review – thanks!! We’ve just booked Premium Club seats on TUI’s Dreamliner between Manchester and Phuket in March. Like you say it’s a lot of money, but for such a long journey we think it’s worth it. Your review has convinced me of this even more!

  5. Great review from down to earth people, we are going premium to Jamaica in June and having flown premium before is well worth the extra outlay.

  6. Hi Everyone. We are hoping to be travelling to Tailand in March 2020, to board a cruise. However, we are going with another couple, and we are hoping the cruise price will drop ad it gets closer e.g around December we were thinking.,, but !!! we were thinking, would all the premium seats be booked up by then .
    How close to your long haul flights have you upgraded to premium ?

  7. We are due to fly to Jamaica Feb 2020 and we have all booked premium. You mentioned the pitch of the seat. What about the width?

    1. Hi Jade, I’m not sure the exact dimensions of the seats in premium however there was loads of room there either side of my hips. The armrests between the seats are wide too so you don’t have the typical plane issue of having to awkwardly share one.

    1. Hi Angela, yes I believe so – certainly haven’t seen anything from TUI that says otherwise!

  8. Hi
    Thank you for your review we are flying next week premium and so looking forward to it. My daughter is 14 and just to make people aware coming home we had to pay a tax so she could fly premium think it was bout £75 but we think it was worth it. Going you dont have to pay this charge or tax.

  9. Hi

    Great review, thank you. I’ve just booked premium, Row 9A and 9C do you know if there is a window ? I’ve read Row 7 doesn’t ! Also being the last row in premium, can you still recline as far as you would in a different row? Hopefully you can help me 🙂

  10. Hi
    Very in depth review, flying premium for the 1st time and really looking forward to it. This will be our 7th flight on the dreamliner wow what a plane

  11. Hi, thank you for the great review. May I ask if the seats are reclined is there a leg support please?

    1. Hi Heather, it was quite a while back that we travelled on the Dreamliner now so I honestly can’t remember, I’m steering towards no however I think it was just back recline with footrest on chair in front. Maybe someone else reading thread will be able to help out validating that!

  12. Hi,
    Many thanks for putting such in-depth review for the Dreamliner Premium seats.
    Do you know if in return flight you have use of Lounge exact as outgoing flight.
    Many thanks

  13. We flew with the dreamliner in premium 4 years ago and since then have always booked it. you are made to feel special and yes it does cost quite a bit but we class it as part of our holiday. And once you have tried premium you will find it hard not to book it again.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, having previously paid to upgrade I can’t now imagine an experience on Dreamliner in Economy, I think I’m now a premium customer for life!

  14. I know this is an old review but I just wanted to say what a good review it is and that I’m in total agreement with everything you said about your premium experience. We flew premium with TUI on their Dreamliner in 2019 on a flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica and we absolutely loved it. We’d never in a month of Sundays be able to afford business or first class on a flight and this is as close as we’d ever get to it. We enjoyed every minute, they make you feel so special. So much so we’ve planned a return visit to Jamaica this year and have booked premium again and we can’t wait.

  15. I know this review was a while ago now but thanks, it’s exactly what I was looking for to help me make up my mind .

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