Sea Lions At Pier 39 In San Francisco

When you’re heading to a city one of the last things that you expect to see is wildlife. You will of course see the inevitable city pigeon, the occasional rat and perhaps a stray cat but certainly not much more than that. That is unless you are in San Francisco.

Being a coastal city, San Francisco attracts sea birds and of course sea life to the shores which is something we discovered during our last visit to the windy city.

Pier 39

Pier 39 is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a pier and it’s number 39! Historically it’s purpose would have been for trade however in more recent times Pier 39 has been fully developed into a tourist attraction for those heading to the city, filled with arcades, bars, restaurants and entertainment spaces.

Next to Pier 39 however is the marina where you will find a large colony of sea lions!

Sea Lions At Pier 39 In San Francisco

Sea lions at the marina

As you explore Pier 39 you’ll need to make your way down to the farthest point and head through to the left hand side where the marina sits next it. You’ll know you’re in the right place due to the large crowds that will have gathered along the railings and when you look out you’ll see why.

Sea Lions At Pier 39 In San Francisco

There is a constant stream of sea lions coming and going the marina to the sea to hunt. Those that arrive in the marina or which are already there simply choose to lie on their backs and bask in the sun, reheating themselves.

Sea Lions At Pier 39 In San Francisco

The sea lions were quite unexpected but certainly an excellent addition to our San Francisco experience. As adults they were great fun to watch and being next to Pier 39 which had a heavy family focus, their location is perfect for those visiting the city with kids.

Sea Lions At Pier 39 In San Francisco

If you are heading to San Francisco and love to see animals in the wild Make sure you don’t miss out on this fun and unique experience in the city!

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