Roxy Burger – The Best Burgers In Vancouver?

Whilst exploring cities around the world you’ve got to eat! That’s a no brainier. However there’s always that strong temptation to go out for dinner at some of the top rated restaurants from guide books or those places that you’ve casually walked past during the day that look like you’d need to make an effort to get in to.

The modern traveller does of course turn to the online community to seek out blogger recommendations and advice from their own experiences. When coupled with TripAdvisor (which we all know has many drawbacks) it’s a great way to find places to eat. Having eaten at some of the fancier restaurants in Vancouver we sought out something a little more relaxed and less pricey with our research leading us to Roxy Burger on Granville Street in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The name says it all really – it’s a burger restaurant and bar but my goodness do they serve a tasty burger!

The restaurant is themed like an American diner with seating booths, low level rock/indie music and a welcoming atmosphere.

Roxy Burger Vancouver

As you would expect, Roxy Burger serves a really good selection of burgers so you’ll find it difficult to know which one to go for!

Menu at Roxy Burger Vancouver

As the establishment also serves as a bar there’s a great selection of beers and cocktails also so you’ll be torn for what to go for – just keep an eye out for the happy hours!

Cocktail menu at Roxy Burger Vancouver

After some procrastinating I opted for the Buffalo Burger which was delicious. Buffalo provides a much more meaty flavour than Beef so if you like a stronger flavour this is a great choice.

Buffalo Burger at Roxy Burger Vancouver

Sarah opted for the Canadian Roxy Burger which was an 8oz patty with bacon and cheese.

The Canadian Roxy Burger at Roxy Burger Vancouver

Although burgers are simple food, those served at Roxy Burger were packed full of flavour. The chips (fries if you’re not English!) were cooked with a crunch and the patties were cooked right through to perfection. These were by far the best burgers we had during our stay in the city.

The staff at Roxy Burger were really polite and friendly during our visit, sorted out our order quickly and delivered great tasting food. If you’re heading to Vancouver this year and fancy a casual bite to eat and cocktail in one of the most bustling areas of the city, you must make sure you pay these guys a visit.


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