How To Choose The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

One of the biggest wedding decisions you will need to make this year is where to head off to on your honeymoon. With the aisle walk complete and cringe-worthy dad dancing of the wedding night over you want to be able to look forward to your first holiday together as a newly wed couple. Getting your destination right is critical. Here’s our list of top tips for choosing your perfect honeymoon destination.

Type of honeymoon

One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is what type of honeymoon you want to have and there is a seemingly endless list of choices here. Keep things simple by writing down a list of popular holiday categories for consideration with your fiancée.

Sun soaked honeymoons

White Sand Beach (Ao Thong beach) in Khao Lak

The typical starting point for many engaged couples is to look at the traditional honeymoon of flying off to some exotic destination. You’re always going to find those glossy images in holiday brochures selling you the dream of white sand beaches and clear blue seas. If you can picture yourself lying around a pool or sitting in paradise on a beach whilst drinking a cocktail straight out of a coconut then this will be the perfect type of honeymoon for you.

The Indian Ocean continues to be a firm favourite for newly weds with the Maldives remaining a top destination for many years. The Bahamas, Santorini and Aruba all remain in high demand however in recent years there’s been an increased desire for newer destinations with the likes of Tanzania growing in popularity.

Adventure honeymoons

Taft Point Trail Yosemite National Park

If the idea of being lazy around a pool and stuffing your face each day at the all you can eat hotel buffet makes you feel bloated and bored then getting out and about into the great outdoors can be the perfect honeymoon solution.

There are so many national parks around the world that you have a huge range of options available to you here. Consider whether you want to hike to that waterfall you’ve always wanted to see in person, whether you want to do a bungee jump or skydive, go horse back riding while watching the sunset or scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef.

Big city honeymoons

New York City from The Empire State Building

A big city honeymoon remains a popular choice for newlyweds and especially those who are seeking to find some culture or visit a city they have always had their eye on. The draw of New York City, London, Paris, Rome, Dubai and Sydney remains strong however very few couples will spend more than a few days in these cities making their visit part of a dual centre holiday.

Choosing your city to escape to is a difficult choice as you’ll need to consider things like the distance/cost, any language barriers you might encounter making your honeymoon more stressful than enjoyable and of course local customs. You don’t want to accidentally insult anyone and end up in trouble!

Consider the weather patterns and climate


Now this is something which can be easy to overlook but is incredibly important when choosing your honeymoon destination.

Depending on the time of year and destination you run the risk of heading somewhere that is too hot, too cold, within the monsoon season or worse, tornado season, especially in the southern states of the USA.

So be sure to do your research – if you have your heart set on a destination make sure the time of year is right for you to really enjoy it and not get caught out. If it’s not you can of course always opt for a “mini-moon” after your wedding and go on your proper honeymoon a little later on once conditions are perfect.

Write a honeymoon destination list

There’s going to be two people in your marriage and so the best way to start your new adventure is to listen to one another and share your own ideas and inspirations. Start by each writing a list of all the places you’ve dreamed of going. One of you may have always had your heart set on a break in the Maldives or Thailand whilst the other may have always been set on heading to Canada or America.

Compromise will be critical in your marriage but by starting out in this way you may quickly discover that you have the same dreams and honeymoon ideas.

Honeymoon budget

There’s a lot to consider with your honeymoon from a desire perspective however the type and duration of your honeymoon will largely be determined by your budget. This is where many couples become stuck as their finances simply cannot support their dreams.

If you want a 3 week adventure you’re going to need to save up, especially if you want something long-haul. If you’re looking to head to a major city for a week again consider the cost. A week in Rome with the Euro will for example be considerably more expensive than non-Euro locations in Eastern Europe.

Honeymoons do of course cost money which is no surprise. But if the honeymoon immediately follows your wedding you are going to be feeling the pinch in your bank accounts. You need to be realistic about what is affordable and not overstretch yourself to avoid making the start of your marriage a debt ridden nightmare.

So be a little thrifty. Consider whether for your honeymoon you really need that flight upgrade to premier or first class seating for an extra £1000 or if that money would be better spent on a more premium hotel or excursion at your destination.

We all want our honeymoons to be the best holiday of our lives and in most cases it will be, however it doesn’t need to cost the earth to create those special lifelong memories.

Choosing the perfect honeymoon

Choosing the perfect honeymoon often starts out as an exciting part of the wedding planning but can soon become stressful as the reality of money and differences of opinions kick in.

What’s important to remember however is that your marriage will be all about compromise and being realistic with your finances. There is a world of destinations out there to choose from and many years of marriage ahead to holiday together so even if you don’t quite get to where you want to this time around you can always plan for that missed holiday destination for your anniversary!

So what are you waiting for? Get searching for your perfect honeymoon destination today!

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