Dinner At Fab Fusion In Krakow

Staying in any European city typically means 2 things – finding things to do and finding great places to eat. It can often feel like there’s an overwhelming choose of restaurants to choose from and Krakow in Poland is no different with street after street of food options available.

What people tend to overlook however is the quality of hotel restaurants, favouring the independent restaurants in the main square – Krakow certainly has many of these with great options available, especially within the Jewish Quarter however if you venture a little further away from here you will find Fab Fusion.

Located on Joselewicza the Fab Fusion restaurant is part of the Metropolitan Boutique Hotel.

It is however fully accessible from the street as if it were any other restaurant in the city and if you are staying at the Metropolitan you will also receive a discount off your meal. During the day the restaurant is open for lunch and also offers plenty of cocktails during a happy hour.

Inside the restaurant the decor is quite modern and relaxing – if you heading here for dinner take a look at the website first as they often have a live pianist which will really enhance your visit.


If like us you struggle to choose between a 2 course meal of starter/main or main/dessert there’s only really one sensible option; opt for the full 3 courses so as to not miss out.

The starter selection at Fab Fusion is fantastic and the food packed full of flavour and colour. The mussels were superb and are highly recommended.

Mussels at Fab Fusion Restaurant Krakow

Getting the visual appeal of food right is so important and the chef at Fab Fusion has absolutely perfected his art. How many people can turn a courgette with cheese and pesto into something that looks this appetising?

Courgette at Fab Fusion Restaurant Krakow

Main Courses

Fillet Steak at Fab Fusion Restaurant Krakow

With starters complete the service at Fab Fusion was quick with drinks topped up, plates cleared and mains brought out which tasted superb.For my main course i decided on the fillet steak with wild mushrooms served on a bed of sweet potato mash. The presentation of what arrived was excellent.

Sarah ordered grilled chicken on a bed of normal mashed potato served with cauliflower and again the presentation with this dish was top notch without anything lacking in flavour.

Chicken at Fab Fusion Restaurant Krakow


2 courses down you will have the usual dance with your server about whether or not to go for the third course however after the “we’ll take a look” charade with the menu your orders will be placed in no time.

The desserts at Fab Fusion really aren’t unexpected as they are a continuation of the high quality meal that you will have been served up to this point.

I would strongly recommend the strawberry cheesecake which is presented as follows with s strawberry coulis served separately in a small dish.

Desert at Fab Fusion Restaurant Krakow

And although a simple dessert the mango and passion fruit ice cream was a real hit offering up an intense flavour to finish the meal on.

Dessert at Fab Fusion Restaurant Krakow

Heading to a hotel restaurant may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are considering places to eat in Krakow however Fab Fusion is one restaurant you should absolutely go out of your way to discover. During our visit to this incredible city we are in numerous places and this was probably the best tasting and best presented meal that we ate.

Website: http://www.fabfusion.pl/en/

Are you heading to Krakow this year? Or have you already eaten at Fab Fusion? Let us know in the comments.

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