Coastal Views At Ragged Point In California

When visiting California there is a road that seems to attract tourists and native Americans like moths to a flame. This is of course Highway 1, the infamous road along the Pacific coast which offers spectacular vistas and the ability to recreate all of those film moments, driving in a Mustang with the roof down and wind in your hair.

If you are heading out to the west coast this year then one place that you must add to your itinerary to stop off at is Ragged Point.

Where is Ragged Point?

Located between San Simeon and Gorda, Ragged Point is around 200 miles / 5 hour drive from San Francisco. It is the perfect place to stop the car and take a short break from driving as the views here are stunning.

Ragged Point – Portal to Big Sur

One thing worthy of note with Ragged Point is that there really isn’t anything there beyond the Ragged Point Inn. This is a small inn so don’t get your hopes up for a small town, cafe or shops. That is however what I feel makes Ragged Point that little bit more special as it is largely untouched and unspoilt, maintaining the natural beauty of the coastline.

Ragged Point – Portal to Big Sur

Portal to Big Sur

From the motel car park you can wander around the small paths that line the cliff tops overlooking the sea and gaze in awe at the beauty of this magical place.

The best views are those presented along the coastline facing north to Big Sur with the view being framed beautifully via a sculpture appropriately named the “Portal to Big Sur”. Cue endless photos peering through the donut!

Ragged Point – Portal to Big Sur

Ragged Point review

If you are planning to travel along route 1 this year, Ragged Point isn’t just worth stopping at because of its proximity to the road (it is quite literally next to the road), it is worth stopping at because it offers one of the most beautiful, scenic views that the Pacific Coast Highway has to offer. This isn’t a stopping point that you will want to miss!

Have you visited Ragged Point and have tips or advice for other travellers? Let us know in the comments!

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