4 of the Best Places to Eat in Reykjavik

If you are heading to Reykjavik this year you’re likely to be there for either 3 or 4 nights. Any longer and you’ll need to be taking out a second mortgage as Reykjavik is an incredibly expensive city to stick around in as a tourist for too long!

We recently headed to Reykjavik for 4 nights and ate dinner at 4 great restaurants having put the hours in to do the research beforehand – if you’re heading to the city then be sure to make a stop at these establishments which offer incredible food and a great atmosphere.

1. Rossopomodoro Italian Restaurant

Located off Laugavegur street, Rossopomodoro is an Italian restaurant offering a beautiful interior and a great atmosphere. The kitchen is located central to the restaurant so you can see the chefs cooking in the stone pizza oven and preparing all of the food from the comfort of your table. This makes it the perfect restaurant for a romantic Italian meal for two or for the whole family with ample space available inside.

Rossopomodoro Reykjavik

The food served here is exactly what you would expect from an Italian restaurant. The freshest ingredients are used giving you dishes that are packed full of flavour.

I think it’s quite difficult not to enjoy Italian food (I consider it the best cuisine in the world!) and heading to Rossopomodoro certainly won’t leave you feeling disappointed. if you’re looking for a great Italian restaurant located centrally within the city why consider anywhere else.

2. Meze Turkish Restaurant

Meze Turkish Restaurant Reykjavik

Meze is a Turkish restaurant serving high quality food just off the main street. Having been to Turkey and experienced their cuisine first hand the food here was equally as good. The dishes are packed full of flavour and are served in considerable volume – trust us, you won’t be going hungry when you eat here!

Lamb Chops at Meze, Reykjavik

If you like your food freshly cooked and made with care then don’t think twice about making a reservation at Meze, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Restaurant 73

If it’s both quality and quantity that you’re looking for from a simple menu then look no further than Restaurant 73. It is a small, family run restaurant in the city centre which focuses on great food and a selection of Icelandic beers – it’s popular however so make sure you get there early or make an advanced reservation!

With burgers stacked to the rafters and their great beer selection you would be wise to make a stop at this small but great quality restaurant just off the main street.

4. Reykjavik Fish Restaurant

Reykjavik Fish Restaurant

Venture a little way out of the city centre down to the harbour and you’ll discover a wealth of restaurants serving fresh fish straight off the boats. A great place that we discovered was the Reykjavik Fish Restaurant which had a simple but flavour packed menu of different fish dishes.

Reykjavik Fish Restaurant

It’s often said that Iceland and Japan are the only 2 countries in the world selling fish this fresh so make sure you try some during your stay.

Like any capital city Reykjavik is full of restaurants, bars and cafes serving food ranging from fine dining to casual establishments. If you’re looking for restaurants that won’t break the bank and offer a good selection of food then look no further than the 4 restaurants listed here. Great food at great prices.

Have you eaten at these restaurants or have somewhere else to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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