Puglia (Apulia in English) sits on the heel of Italy’s “boot” in the south of the country. The region is well known for its hundreds of miles of beautiful Mediterranean coastline and whitewashed towns scattered across the countryside.

The capital of Apulia is the university town of Bari which offers a vibrant port whilst Lecce is also worth a visit, known as the “Florence of the South” due to its baroque architecture.

Reasons to visit: Old towns, beautiful coastline

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Apulia is a fantastic destination to head to if you are seeking out a holiday that encompasses a combination of beautiful coastlines and beaches, vast olive groves and historic towns and cities. Bordered by the 3 Italian regions of Molise to the north, Basilicata to the southwest and Campania to the west you have plenty of choice to get out and about if heading to a border region.

Apulia is well known for its hot, dry summers with temperatures reaching 40 degrees so plan your visit accordingly to avoid having too much heat, particularly around Lecce and Foggia. Luckily the majority of Apulia is flat with only gentle hills so the terrain is easy going during the intense heat. Head north however and you will discover Alta Murgia National Park and Gargano National Park where the terrain becomes far more rugged.

If the national parks, beaches and capital of Bari don’t take your fancy then be sure to explore the history of Apulia. The landscape here contains a number of castles built by the Romans with one of the most popular being the octagonal 13th century fortress, Castel del Monte near Bari.

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