Basilicata is a southern region of Italy that borders both Calabria to the southwest and Apulia to the east which is dominated by mountains and forests. The Basilicata region is a great place to visit if you enjoy the great outdoors however it is also a historic region that encompasses many old towns including the capital city of Potenza.

Reasons to visit: Old towns, history and scenic views

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Basilicata offers a fantastic experience for visitors who are looking to experience a combination of historic towns and cities with incredibly beautiful outdoor space. The region is vast which will leave you wanting to head back year after year.

Historic towns and cities

The capital city of Basilicata is the beautiful Potenza. The city features the incredible San Gerardo-Potenza cathedral and numerous other medieval churches for you to spend your time exploring.

Head 60 miles east of Potenza and you will reach Matera which as per the cover photo on this page features an expansive area of hillside dwellings. Matera contains caves that date back thousands of years and over 150 churches that are cut out of the rock. Alternatively you can head to the north of Basilicata you will discover the 10 towers of the Norman Melfi Castle in the town of Melfi.

If however its the beaches that you are seeking out then you are best to head to the Ionian coast. Here you will discover numerous coastal towns however one of our favourites is Metaponto.


With vast outdoor spaces to discover in Basilicata you won’t be short of walks and adventure activities. The Monticchio Lakes are a very popular destination in the region as is the Pollino National Park. The Basilicata region offers rafting and horseback riding however if you’re feeling a little more daring you can also try your hands and feet at a spot of climbing.

Basilicata travel guides

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