Visiting Lake Minnewanka In Banff National Park

Lake Minnewanka is one of the most beautiful lakes in Banff National Park and for that reason it features on Ambition Earth as a top destination for you to visit on your next trip to Alberta.

How to get to Lake Minnewanka from Banff

  • Distance: 10km
  • Duration: 15 mins by car

Getting to Lake Minnewanka from Banff is easy if you are planning to head there by car, requiring just a handful of roads and turnings.

Step 1: Head north out of Banff on Banff Avenue for around 5km until you reach the Trans Canada Highway.

Step 2: Continue across the Trans Canada Highway where the road will become Range Road 115B (Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive).

Step 3: Continue along Range Road 115B for around 5km and it will take oubstraight to Lake Minnewanka parking lot.

Parking and Facilities at the lake

There is a generous Parking lot at Lake Minnewanka however parking can be a bit of a nightmare so you’ll need to be prepared for this. The lake is extremely popular with families and so trying to visit at peak times of the day is likely to leave you feeling frustrated as you won’t get a parking space. It’s worth noting however that if you are arriving with an RV / camper there is a separate car park to use.

Once parked, the lake has a lot to offer visitors. There are public restrooms, cafes selling hot food, tourist information and watersports at the harbour if you fancy a bit of action. There are also lots of picnic benches and areas to sit and relax so you can also just while away a few hours here enjoying the landscape.

Hiking at Lake Minnewanka

There is also a hiking trail which runs all the way around the lake. This trail is a really easy one with even ground and next to no gradient so it is great for a leisurely walk. If walking a long way around the lake however we recommend carrying bear spray as the hikers very rapidly thin out the further you get which will leave you feeling quite exposed especially as there have been numerous bear sightings in the area.

Photos of Lake Minnewanka

We absolutely love Lake Minnewanka as it has so much to offer. The trails are easy and enjoyable, the views are incredible and it’s not so busy you feel couped up. If you are heading to Banff this year make sure to stop by and take a look.

Have you been to Lake Minnewanka and have any top tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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