City Breaks in North America

Heading to North America is a great option for a city break this year. With both the USA and Canada to choose from and cities from east to west coast there is an abundance of choice to cater for every need. It’s not a case of whether North America is the right place to head to but rather which city and climate will fulfil your city break desires!

New York City from The Empire State Building


Heading to the USA for a city break is an aspiration the world over however many people will only consider the well known options of New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco as options.

The USA offers a vast number of incredible cities from the west to east coast with the likes of Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Miami being popular so do your research and be sure not to miss out on somewhere outside of the popular tourist spots!



Canada is a fantastic option if you are looking for a city break this year. With a vibrant culture and coastal cities to explore Canada offers a lot to the city break traveller.

Whether you head to the west coast to the likes of Vancouver or the east coast to explore Quebec City, Montreal or Toronto, Canada can offer you a fantastic holiday.