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Overseas regions

  • French Guiana (South America)
  • Guadeloupe (Caribbean)
  • Martinique (Caribbean)
  • Mayotte (Indian Ocean)
  • Réunion (Indian Ocean)

Places to visit in France

One of the toughest choices with planning a visit to France is choosing which towns and cities to visit – you are spoilt for choice! Here we have compiled a list of some of our favourite French destinations.

Where to stay – Inspiration

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France travel guides

France offers so many exciting places to visit for holidaymakers. Whether you are seeking sun-soaked coastal regions like Cannes, metropolitan cities like Paris or the best ski resorts in the French Alps, be sure to buy yourself a good travel guide for France. With the latest information on the best places to visit, eat and drink along with local tips and tricks, don’t leave home without one.

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