Car Hire Excess Insurance


Car Hire Excess Insurance is a must-have item if you are hiring a car. The smallest amount of vehicle damage could lead to an insurance claim so avoid paying out large bills for the excess on the insurance policy with car hire excess insurance.

When hiring a car you will be asked to provide evidence of car hire insurance for the vehicle you are renting. In the absence of this most providers at the point of sale or vehicle pickup will sell this to you as a compulsory item.

What is often overlooked however is the potentially large costs associated with the excess on those hire car insurance policies.

In the event of an accident your policy will state that you must pay an initial cost (the excess) to cover some of the damage. For tires, bodywork or damage to the underside of the vehicle this can very quickly amount to hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

To avoid this you can take out an insurance policy that insures the excess on your car hire insurance policy for just a few pounds per day saving you from a potentially eye watering bill.


iCarhireinsurance offer some of the cheapest rates around to protect your car hire excess.

With vast experience and thousands of happy customers you can be confident that in the unlikely and unfortunate event of damage to your hire car you will be covered and not have to pay any hefty bills.