Standing In Awe Of The Historic Pantheon In Rome

When heading to Rome for a city break there are a number of ‘must see’ destinations within the city and The Pantheon is certainly one of them. Completed by Emperor Hadrian around 126 AD The Pantheon originated as a Roman temple and now stands as a church within Rome.

The Pantheon, Rome

History tells us that the building we see today isn’t the original building however as the original one burnt down. Therefore it cannot be determined when The Pantheon was first constructed.

When you approach the building the first thing that will strike you is how large it is tucked in between the other buildings and facing onto the small Piazza della Rotonda. This really does accentuate its dominance over the area, especially with the large portico and towering concrete pillars across the entrance.

Making your way inside the Pantheon, which incidentally is free of charge, you will immediately be in awe of the world’s largest un-reinforced concrete dome.

The dome at the Pantheon in Rome

Considering that the dome was constructed 2000 years ago it really is incredible that it is still standing. Around the dome’s radius there is a inset square pattern which is a design you will see replicated across the entire city. In the centre of the dome is the oculus which is an opening offering views of the sky. This stands at 142 feet (43m) above the floor and is the same distance as the diameter of the interior circle.

The Oculus at the Pantheon, Rome

Around the interior of The Pantheon you will find an alter, works of art and several niches including the tomb of the famous artist Raphael. Make sure you get yourself a good guide book and explore these spaces properly.

The Pantheon, Rome
The alter at the Pantheon, Rome
The Pantheon, Rome
The Pantheon, Rome

All over Italy there are memories of Raphael and you will find his tomb located within the Pantheon.

Tomb of Raphael, Pantheon, Rome

The Pantheon is an incredible place. Considering its age, the condition that it is in really is remarkable which is down to the continued use and maintenance. Add it to your Rome itinerary today, you won’t be disappointed.

Are you heading to Rome this year and planning a trip to The Pantheon? Have you been before? Let us know in the comments!

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