Having A Laugh At A-maze-ing Laughter In Vancouver

Vancouver doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously which is one of the top reasons why I think it’s the best city in the world. There is a real absence of pretentiousness across the city which makes it both a warming and friendly place to explore.

As you do wander around Vancouver one thing that quickly becomes apparent are the number of art installations located around the city. They range in shape, size and theme but one of my favourites was the sculpture A-maze-ing Laughter.

A-maze-ing Laughter in Vancouver

Where is A-maze-ing Laughter located?

A-maze-ing Laughter is located just behind English Bay beach in Morton Park.

What is A-maze-ing Laughter?

It is a series of 14 bronze sculptures who are standing in different poses and pulling humorous faces. The sculptures stand at an impressive 3 metres tall and weigh over 250 kg each so standing alongside or underneath them does make you feel incredibly small!

Designed by artist Yue Minjun, A-maze-ing Laugher is a portrayal of Yue’s own image, “in a state of hysterical laughter”.

A-maze-ing Laughter in Vancouver

It was installed in 2009 as part of the Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale which aims to exhibit international contemporary works in public spaces.

Since its installation A-maze-ing Laughter has drawn the attention of both the locals and tourists who, certainly during my visit, were flocking to the figures to stand alongside them and mimic a pose or funny face, despite the sculpture having been present for nearly a decade!

A-maze-ing Laughter in Vancouver

Oftentimes I think a city can take itself too seriously. With all of the hustle, bustle and pace of living in them, it is easy to lose track of what’s important and so it is important to take a minute to slow things down and lighten up a little.

Alongside the sculpture is an inscription which has been cut into the concrete stating,

“May this sculpture inspire laughter playfulness and joy in all who experience it.”

And it absolutely does.

A-maze-ing Laughter in Vancouver

Having spent a couple of days in Vancouver trying to cram everything in before flying back to London, coming across A-maze-ing Laughter at the end of our cycle around the city wall was a real breath of fresh air. It gave us the chance to stop for 10 minutes and exactly as the installation intended, have a good laugh!

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