Climbing The Lesser Town Bridge Tower In Prague For A Bird’s Eye View Of The City

If you’re heading to Prague this year one thing that you’re almost certainly going to do is visit Charles Bridge which spans the Czech Republic’s Vltava River.

With 30 religious statues lining the sides of the bridge it is recognised around the world for this unique baroque feature.

However crossing Charles Bridge isn’t the only thing you can do here as both ends have towers which are accessible to the public. On The Old Town side there is the The Old Town Bridge Tower which offers views across the city.

On the opposite side is The Lesser Town Bridge Tower which enables great views across Charles Bridge and the Vltava river. As you can see from our photograph The Lesser Town Bridge is constructed of two parts. There is the tower itself and then there is the fortification across the archway. Both of these areas are accessible to you from the tower.

As you enter the tower you pay a small entrance fee and immediately climb up a wooden staircase which runs around the outer edge of the room. Your first stop is a room containing a few information boards about Charles Bridge but I wouldn’t say this is particularly special if you’ve already done your research before you arrive.

From this room you can make your way out to the walkway which is situated above the arch. The walkway offers some great views of Charles Bridge so be sure to bring your camera and take a few snaps!

View from the Lesser Town Bridge Tower, Prague

Heading back inside you can continue up the winding staircase to the top of the tower. This takes you outside onto the tower’s roof however as it’s fully enclosed in stone it’s quite safe to walk around.

Lesser Town Bridge Tower, Prague

The view from the top of the tower is superb with stretching views across Charles Bridge, the Vltava river, The Old Town Bridge Tower and The Old Town.

View from the Lesser Town Bridge Tower, Prague

Visiting Charles Bridge is definitely something you should aim to do whilst staying in Prague however whilst here make sure you add a visit up the The Lesser Town Bridge Tower to your itinerary. It doesn’t cost much money and will give you an extra memory and experience to keep with you long into the years ahead.

Are you planning the climb The Lesser Town Bridge Tower this year or have a previous experience? Let us know in the comments!

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