Wandering Through The Bluebell Wood In Ashridge

terri peake striptease The UK may rain nearly everyday of the year and the people may complain about it even more frequently than that however with the British countryside being plastered in natural beauty, when the sun does come out it really does make the country incredibly special.

http://afcmarseille.com/porn/black-home-xxx One such place of beauty is local to where we at Ambition Earth are based, the National Trust’s Ashridge estate in the Chiltern Hills, Hertfordshire.


The Ashridge Estate

source url The Ashridge estate comprises of 5,000 acres of woodland, chalk downlands and beautiful meadows so you can head over here for the day and spend your time walking one of the many miles of trails or keep things simpler and bring along a picnic to enjoy.

http://johanstellerphotography.com Within the grounds there is also the Grade I listed 19th century neo-gothic mansion, Ashridge House. With over 700 years of history this is an incredibly interesting building to explore.

http://johanstellerphotography.com Ashridge House, Hertfordshire, UK

The Bluebell Wood

go to link The Ashridge estate has a seemingly endless number of places to visit however one of our favourites is the Bluebell Wood, located just around the corner from the popular Bridgewater Monument.

http://johanstellerphotography.com Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge, Hertfordshire

http://johanstellerphotography.com From the Bridgewater Monument the Bluebell Wood is around a 10 minute walk away.

follow url Bluebell Wood, Ashridge, Hertfordshire

http://johanstellerphotography.com Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge, Hertfordshire

Bluebell Walk

sweet ebony beauty cherry hilson getting up the law needs dark hued cock The Bluebell Walk runs through the middle of the wood and offers the best view of the bluebells without having to leave the paths and cause any damage to the flowers.

source site Bluebell Walk, Ashridge, Hertfordshire

sri lankan in mouth Every year from late April to early June the bluebells come out here in their thousands creating a sea of colour and natural beauty.

ebony takes it in the garden Bluebell Walk, Ashridge, Hertfordshire

It’s one of the best woodland scenes you can hope for in the area so if you live in the UK near to Hertfordshire you need to mark it on your calendar to pay it a visit!

Bluebell Walk, Ashridge, Hertfordshire

The Ashridge estate has many deer running wild through the woodland so if you’re lucky, during your visit to the bluebell walk you may also experience them walking amongst the trees.

Bluebell Walk, Ashridge, Hertfordshire

With the bluebells only coming out for a very short period of time each year you really do need to be able to time your visit well to avoid disappointment. If you get it right however the Bluebell Walk through the Bluebell Wood at Ashridge is one of the most beautiful walks in the area.

Are you heading to Hertfordshire this year and planning some countryside walks? We’d love to hear your plans, let us know in the comments!

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