Visiting Gap Lake In Banff National Park

We are completely in love with Banff National Park and there are so many lakes to visit it’s difficult to know which ones to stop at and which ones to pass on by. One which we really enjoyed however is Gap Lake.

If you are driving into Banff from Calgary Gap Lake is the perfect place to take a short break and stretch out your legs. There aren’t any hikes or trails here however there is a car park and the views you will get on a clear day are superb.

How to get to Gap Lake

Situated just off of the Bow Valley Trail, Gap Lake is not sign posted so it is easy to drive straight past. It is located around 35km South East of Banff so if you are driving into Banff on a popular route such as that from Calgary, you should find it on your left hand side as you drove around a left hand bend when you are around 30 minutes away from Banff.

As the lake isn’t sign posted it’s not busy at all so it offers a great opportunity for you to get a few great, uninterrupted photos.

Gap lake

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